Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sock Monkey Festival

Just look at that poster - in all its laser-eyed, UFO glory - and tell me you're not going to the Sock Monkey Festival in Rockford this weekend.

Perhaps best-known as the birthplace of Cheap Trick, Rockford also gave the world the sock knitting machine. The garments from said machine became the basis for the Sock Monkey, the classic brown-and-red stuffed animal toted by generations of kiddies.

The city pays homage every March with two days of monkey-making workshops, the Sock Monkey Hall of Fame inductions, and Ms Sockford Beauty and Talent Pageant. Meat will be served, monkeys will be healed (at Sockford General Hospital), and who knows - Cheap Trick may bust out an ax.

Watch this video by author Ron Warren to see monkey madness in action.


  1. It sounds too cool and if Cheap Trick shows up it would be the ultimate! If I was gainfully employed I'd really think about making the trip! That video was great!

  2. I assume you have your own collection of Sock Monkeys (and Cheap Trick albums)?

    1. I have just one ceramic sock monkey, but loads of Cheap Trick albums!